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Yau Ma Tei Wholesale Fruit Market

Our local fruit market celebrated its centennial in 2013. Today it’s an island surrounded by high rises and busy traffic but you can still catch a glimpse of the pre-WWII architecture with the carved stone signs marking the old stall’s name amidst the accidental rooftop gardens. Just enter the market and look up.

About 200 fruit wholesalers are housed in the one and two-storey buildings, some of which have been there for decades as the calligraphy style of their beautiful wood carved signs attest.

During the daytime it’s a rather sleepy market where you’ll find a few open stalls and a lingering scent of fresh produce. But come nighttime till the break of dawn, you will find a market place bustling with energy and vitality - trucks and carts coming and going, piles of boxes everywhere, buyers and sellers negotiating for goodies that will in turn be redistributed all over Hong Kong.