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Shanghai Street

If you have time during your stay with us, we highly recommend a stroll down the charismatic Shanghai Street. Home to time-honoured shops, architectural icons and local eateries, it used to be one of the most prosperous thoroughfares in Kowloon. Completed in 1887 under the name of Station Street, the 2.3 km road was the busiest street in Kowloon. As the compulsory route to the New Territories and with its two ends leading to ferry piers, it naturally thrived with business. Dotting the street were rice shops, pawnshops, jewelry stores, ironsmiths, shops selling traditional wedding dresses, traditional Chinese medicine, barbers, and grocery stores – some of which are still standing despite the constant changes and rebuilding of Yau Ma Tei.

Time-honoured shops aside, Shanghai Street is also home to a few community icons, and among the noteworthy is the Red Brick House and the Yau Ma Tei theatre; must-see landmarks of the neighbourhood. If you like kitchenware, on Shanghai Street you’ll find everything you need to stock most restaurants, let alone household kitchens. From egg waffle makers to beautiful moon cake moulds and a phenomenal choice of cookie cutters, you may unearth great finds to bring home as unusual gifts in the countless kitchen supply stores. While you’re at it, at sundown, be sure to visit Temple Street, adjacent to Shanghai Street, where you will be thoroughly entertained by the street stalls selling all kinds of wonderful and whacky things.