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Tin Hau Temple

Once upon a time this sanctuary stood by the seashore and was the beating heart of the fishing village that is now our neighbourhood. Dedicated to the sea goddess, Tin Hau, queen of heaven and protector of seafarers, the temple is a complex that encompasses several buildings. The main center building is dedicated to Tin Hau and two adjacent sections are dedicated to Shing Wong, the god of the city, and To Tei, the god of the earth.

Nestled in the midst of Yau Ma Tei and sheltered by old and wise Banyan trees, our local Tin Hau temple is a quiet haven, perfect to retreat, people watch and soak in some local culture. Just follow the enticing scent of burning incense and you’ll find it right away! If you’re there late afternoon, you’ll find the start of the Night Market on the nearby Temple Street so named after the sanctuary.