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Local Eateries

Yau Ma Tei is packed with oodles of Cha Chaan Tengs for your chopstick fix. Literally translating to "tea-restaurant", these traditional local diners serve HK-western style dishes on the cheap and round-the-clock. Combining bits and pieces of cuisines of the transient population of Hong Kong, Cha Chaan Tengs dishes have become HK’s comfort food. Must-try staple dishes amongst many are scrambled eggs, instant noodles, egg and ham sandwiches, condensed milk butter buns with an added milk or lemon tea.

In Yau Ma Tei, we highly recommend you try Mido Café, one of Hong Kong’s most famous, most photographed and filmed Cha Chaan Teng. Its antique cashier machine, tiled walls and floors, dumbwaiter and spittoons are just some of the unassuming décor detail that make for the perfect relaxed and vintage Hong Kong atmosphere.

If you fancy dim sum, a bowl of noodles, beef brisket soup, congee or any other local favourites, do check out our local guide page to find the best addresses >