Hannah Bent - Video Production

Winner of the 2013 Ray Koppe Award, Hannah’s work was applauded for an authentic voice and an entirely credible description of people and places. Her background in filmmaking was evident in her writing, and the panel enjoyed her ironic humour.

Hannah grew up in Hong Kong. As a child, her mother would often take her to the Jade Market after a ride on the Star Ferry. Her familiarity with Yau Ma Tei and knack for communicating a genuine tone and character made Hannah the perfect filmmaker to work with Daniel on the promotional video for Tribute Hotel.

Hannah is an emerging writer and filmmaker whose interests in writing stories and visual arts see her take on the role of aspiring auteur. An avid reader of all sorts, current issues in the media find themselves taking form in her magical realist narratives.

Whereby her writing explores this genre, visually her work is just as experimental. Inspired by contemporary writers Mark Haddon, Marcus Zuzak and Xiaolu Guo, Hannah’s alternative take on storytelling features tales of affairs she personally feels strongly about. Visually and cinematically, her influencers are Gondry, videographer Bill Viola and photographers Sally Mann and Jeff Wall.