Anjali Nihalchand - Marketing & PR

An avid and curious traveller, Anjali’s experience working for luxury brands such as Piaget, Shanghai Tang and Amanresorts is the driving force behind Tribute’s marketing and PR. Her love for personality and emotional connections in brands - be it their design, service, guest experiences, amenities, retail shops or F&B - is what draws her to working within the hotel and retail sectors.

“It’s all about that emotional connection you have, that special something that just hits the spot for you. This is what creates memories and inspiration for me. Ultimately, it’s a feel good factor, it resonates from within and it just works. It’s like a perfect recipe, however simple the ingredients.”

Anjali feels a natural affinity to Tribute, because of her personal connection to its partners and the city she calls home. Her enthusiasm for our concept, design and collaborative nature adds value in telling our brand story.